Piano and Grand Piano Rental Services

JAN DRNEK's company has extensive experience in piano and grand piano rental services, both with short-term rentals ranging from one to several days as well as with long-term rental services lasting for one year or longer.


Short-term Rental Services


  • for one or several days
  • Typical short-term use of pianos and grand pianos
    • concerts
    • festivals
    • commercials and advertisement clips
    • private events
    • etc.
  • We offer a complete service
    • transportation of pianos and instruments to the specified location and back, at anytime of the day or night, or during weekends and holidays
    • installation and tuning at the location
    • other services provided according to special customer requirements


Long-term Rental Services of new upright pianos and grand pianos Essex with option to buy

  • Conditions for the long-term Rental services:
    • The fixed rental period of the new instrument is 1 Year
    • The refundable deposit is 6 month´s payment=security deposit covering possible on the instrument
    • There are the bench, delivery, instalation of the instrument and 1x tuning free of charge
    • At the end of the lease, You can return, or buy the instrument
    • Price buy option = we subtract your paid annual rent from the new instrument´s price


Long-term Rental Services of second instrument


  • Long-term rental terms and conditions
    • the shortest long-term rental period is one year
    • a minimum six month deposit is required = security deposit covering possible damages to the instrument
    • the client pays for transportation services to the specified location and back (only net transportation costs, for example Pilsen ->Prague CZK 2500-3000, or Pilsen -> Brno approximately CZK 3500-4000)
  • Typical long-term use of pianos and grand pianos
    • by institutions (kindergartens, schools, elementary schools, etc.)
    • families
    • etc.
  • Option to purchase the rented instrument
  • All pianos and instruments are tuned and in perfect condition (mostly with a new coat of varnish) and covered by a 5-year warranty


If you are interested in renting any of our musical instruments, please select the instrument from our range pianos or grand pianos and use the link "quotation request" (below each musical instrument) to send us your contact information. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss and explain rental conditions to you.